Prosthetics is a branch of dentistry that deals with reconstruction of lost teeth with removable devices (dentures, acrylic dentures) or fixed devices (crowns and bridges) that are permanently cemented in the mouth. The completion of missing teeth is very important for the patient, both for aesthetic and functional reasons (missing teeth can cause many different symptoms including pain in the temporomandibular joints, headaches and digestive disorders).

Fixed prosthetic devices (crowns and bridges) are usually recommended to the patients with missing teeth due to the convenience of reconstruction. With the loss of its root it is possible to restore a missing tooth with an implant (which is like an artificial root, located in the bone – see implantology). There are different types of materials from which we can make a crown but in our clinic we recommend zirconium crowns – excellent both for functional and aesthetical reasons.

The zirconia crown is made of zirconium oxide also known as “white gold” because of its excellent properties and resistance to bending in the range of 900MPa. For this reason, it is an alternative to crowns and bridges made of metal.

Zirconium oxide, in addition to its high compressive strength, is also characterized by a high light transmittance so the prosthetic material retains the optical properties of natural teeth. Prosthetic devices made on the zirconia substructures are characterized by high biocompatibility and give no allergic symptoms. The zirconia crown is created during the processes of CAD/CAM, CAD – (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing). The computer-designed crown (3D model) is cut from the block of material using a computer-controlled machining tools. In addition to the specific software and computers, the CAD/CAM system also consists of a scanner and a milling machine.

To sum up, the zirconium crown is the most technologically advanced achievement of modern dentistry. It is perfectly hermetic and our excellent lab will make it a unique work of art created just for you.

In addition to zirconium crowns we also recommend porcelain veneers, which can instantly improve the colour and shape of your teeth in a minimally invasive way. Of course, there are cases when we can not use fixed prosthetic devices and even implants due to some large bone defects.

In these cases we make removable dentures. To get the perfect sustenance of these dentures in the mouth we can use implants. It is an excellent solution in case of endentulous. It provides superior sustenance and support for both the denture and the soft tissue. Such dentures make furrows shallower and a face looks younger.

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