Prevention of dental and periodontal diseases (of tissues surrounding the teeth) is the first step in the treatment of caries and periodontitis. Properly used can achieve the finest results in the form of healthy, strong teeth and a beautiful, full smile. The main goal of prevention is to fight plaque – the cause of the development of caries and periodontitis. Piękna-Dent provides patients with a full range of preventive treatments performed professionally using modern yet proven methods.

Prevention of dental and periodontal diseases:
• Fluoride Varnish to prevent tooth decay.
• Removing tartar using an ultrasonic scaler and sanding of the teeth.

The most popular form of professional fluoride prevention is polishing the treated teeth using fluoride varnish such as Fluor Protector or Duraphat – recommended especially for children. It is widely used both in prevention of all teeth as well as selected areas. Coatings are characterized by a large viscosity, which provides their good adhesion to the tooth enamel, longer retention on the surface and slow release of fluoride. With these characteristics, these preparations provide decay reduction of up to 40%. The treatment should be repeated 2-4 times a year depending on the patient’s susceptibility to caries.

Tartar is the most serious cause of periodontal disease. During the therapy, it is very important to remove plaque (so-called scaling), thus inhibiting the disease in most cases.

According to all available research, scaling should be performed prophylactically on patients who do not have problems with periodontal disease, to prevent them.. The effect of this activity is practical elimination of paradontosis hazards from tartar deposition. Patients who had tartar fully removed at least once understand that this short and painless procedure helps to greatly reduce tooth decay and is critical for healthy gums. After professional cleaning, laying fluoride polish is recommended, which reduces tooth sensitivity and the risk of caries.

Sandblasting is used in order to thoroughly remove dental deposits, resulting from drinking coffee, tea, smoking cigarettes, which are difficult to remove by other means.

Sandblasting is the most common addition to teeth scaling procedure (the removal of tartar). However, it may also be a separate procedure, if there is no tartar on the teeth but the sediment only.
After removing the deposit the teeth regain their former lighter color and shine. Special powder ejected at high pressure enables special ‘sand’ to easily reach every part of the surface of the tooth, thus ensuring excellent cleaning effect.

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