Currently many patients visit dental clinics not just to treat tooth decay or to have a tooth removed, but to improve the appearance of their teeth. The improvement of the appearance of teeth depend on many aspects. We must also be aware that missing teeth have a particularly negative effect on the general appearance by deepening the nasolabial furrows and reducing the lower part of the face which consequently give the impression of a prematurely aging face. In this regard, cosmetic dentistry is combined with aesthetic medicine and we must remember that before applying filler or lip augmentation we should fill in missing teeth.

Before using any treatments in the field of cosmetic dentistry we perform an x-ray diagnostics – an image covering all teeth (pantomogram). Based on photos and a detailed examination of the patient we set a treatment plan. During the same visit we should also professionally remove tartar. This procedure is performed using an ultrasonic scaler and a sandblaster and then polishing with polishing paste. It is the first step to get rid of the superficial sediments from coffee, tea and cigarettes. The subsequent professional hygiene instruction allows you to keep cleaning results for a long time.
The expectations concerning the procedure are based on individual conversations with a patient. If objections apply only to the colour of teeth, the whitening procedure can be carried out. There are two basic methods of whitening – in-office whitening using a Beyond lamp and overlay night whitening. Beyond whitening accelerator working together with special whitening kits ensures that the stains on the teeth are immediately oxidized. Specially designed gel is activated by a high-power light.

Whitening treatment is comfortable, safe, and on average the colour is lightened by 8 shades. The whitening agent oxidizes the entire surface of sixteen teeth in only one treatment, restoring them to a beautiful white. The treatment is recommended for people who have little time and want quick results. The overlay night whitening also gives good results. The patient is instructed to put on specially made caps with the whitening gel for 3-4 subsequent nights. Both methods will work best provided that for several days after the procedure we use only white diet – give up smoking!

Sometimes the patient’s concerns relate to the colour of one dead tooth – we can then apply the Opalescence Endo whitening product or make a prosthetic crown. If the concerns relate to the shape and position of teeth of young patients who wish to avoid invasive treatments we can make an adjustment in shape or position of teeth with composite material (we use excellent Gradia and Enamel materials). In this way you can, for example, close the gaps between the teeth. Making porcelain veneers is more invasive but also gives excellent cosmetic results. If the damage is more extensive and there are tooth gaps we can make all-ceramic crowns and bridges (see prosthetics).

If you select a range of treatments from cosmetic dentistry in our clinic, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful, sparkling white smile for years to come.

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